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Business & Real Estate Law Attorney in Garden City, NY

When complicated legal matters and important decisions have to be made in your professional or personal lives, having an experienced and knowledgeable attorney in your corner can give you peace of mind. For business & commercial law, real estate matters, and estate planning in Garden City, New York, contact The Law Office of Lawrence Pohly, Esq. for a free consultation.

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Lawrence Pohly

Lawrence Pohly

Attorney at Law

With a law career spanning over four decades, attorney Lawrence Pohly, Esq. has accumulated a broad base of legal knowledge and experience. Through the years, attorney Pohly has learned to combine that knowledge and experience with an understanding of the complexities of the business world to provide excellent legal representation to individuals, families, and businesses in Garden City, New York, and the surrounding counties. With an MBA degree, and experience working as both in-house and outside counsel to public and private companies, Lawrence can bring valuable insight to all of your business and commercial endeavors. In addition, Lawrence provides direction regarding all types of real estate transactions and estate planning matters. If you need legal representation in the Garden City, New York area, contact The Law Office of Lawrence Pohly, Esq. today to schedule a free case consultation.


A More Direct Way of Practicing Law

Results-Oriented Approach

Achieving your objectives regarding legal matters is your top priority, so it only makes sense for it to be the top priority of your attorney as well. Having an attorney who is dedicated to accomplishing your goals rather than doing unnecessary work to increase their fees can make a substantial difference to you and your company. Your needs are always the primary focus.

Practical Legal Services

Providing sound legal counsel isn't about showing off for your clients or going through unnecessary procedures in order to give a false sense of importance. It's doing efficient, timely work that meets the specific needs of the client. You can always feel confident that the work being done on your behalf is being handled with excellence and with your best interests in mind.

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Why Choose The Law Office of Lawrence Pohly, Esq.?

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Business Knowledge

With an MBA and decades of experience, Lawrence Pohly has the insight you need when dealing with legal matters.


Personal Attention

Lawrence will collaborate directly with you as you explore all of the available options and make strategic decisions.

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Affordable Rates

Sound, effective legal representation shouldn't break the bank. Get the guidance you need without the sky-high price tag.

Experienced Legal Guidance for Life's Most Important Decisions

When making important decisions regarding forming a new company, restructuring your existing enterprise, drafting contractual agreements, navigating real estate transactions, or developing an estate plan, choosing an experienced attorney is an important step to take. For individuals, families, and businesses in the greater Garden City, New York area, knowledgeable help is available at The Law Office of Lawrence Pohly, Esq.

With experience working as both in-house counsel and outside representation for companies of varying sizes, attorney Lawrence Pohly brings over 40 years of business acumen to work on your important affairs. From formation and growth to venture capital and financing, Lawrence has the skill and understanding you and your company need to ensure success for all present and future business dealings.

Real estate matters can be full of complicated details and regulations. Whether you are buying or selling property, negotiating or drafting agreements, or dealing with landlord or tenant situations, the presence of an experienced real estate attorney on your side can make the difference between a smooth process and unnecessary pitfalls and obstacles. You can trust attorney Lawrence Pohly to give you the direction you need to pursue a satisfying result.

Planning the future of your estate and preparing for your family's financial tomorrow is important. Work with Lawrence Pohly when it comes to drafting wills, trusts, and comprehensive estate plans. For trusted and reliable legal representation for business & commercial matters, real estate decisions, and estate planning in Garden City, New York, contact The Law Office of Lawrence Pohly, Esq. and schedule a free consultation today!