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Agreements Attorney Serving Garden City, New York

Contracts involving businesses can get extremely complicated. For this reason, it is prudent to hire a lawyer who has years of experience in working with complex legal matters both as general counsel for public and private companies as well as a lawyer in private practice. Lawrence Pohly is recognized as one of the leading business lawyers in New York. If you or your business is in need of an excellent lawyer for negotiating and drafting commercial contracts in New York, then Mr. Pohly is certainly the right person for you to consider.

Put a Professional on Your Side

If you or your business are in need of stockholder agreements, business purchase agreements, stock or asset purchase agreements, consulting agreements or employment agreements in New York, the Law Offices of Lawrence Pohly is pleased to offer these legal services.

Mr. Pohly has also specialized in creating stock and non-stock employee retention plans designed to meet the needs of business owners and key employees. He is prompt, courteous and discrete and always puts the needs of his clients first. Mr. Pohly possesses a Master’s in Business Administration as well as a law degree. This combination makes him uniquely qualified to handle any business legal matter for his clients.