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Business & Commercial Attorney Serving Garden City, New York

There are certain aspects of the law that can be handled by attorneys in general practice. Legal matters involving residential real estate, simple wills, and agreements for small businesses are typically straightforward, although they may vary from state to state.

Certain legal matters, however, are best left to experts who have devoted their careers to very specific aspects of the law. When you or your business is in need of financing or a Venture Capital attorney or your Medical Practice is in need of legal assistance, Lawrence Pohly is pleased to be "at your service."

Geographically & Financially Accessible

He proudly serves clients in and around Garden City, New York and the surround Long Island counties of Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, Kings, New York, and Westchester. His office is conveniently located just around the corner from the Nassau County Supreme Court on County Seat Drive.

In addition, he is more financially accessible because he offers all of his clients initial consultations totally for free. This time is meant for not only you to get to know him, but he will also examine your case and let you know your options should you move forward with him as your attorney.

Make Informed Decisions

Reputable Legal Practice Amongst Peers & Clientelle

Lawrence Pohly is a well-respected lawyer in New York who has built a reputation representing businesses and medical practices in complex transactions. Mr. Pohly has served as in house general counsel to private equity and venture capital firms and has a unique perspective and wealth of experience to offer to clients. He understands that clients seek effective representation at a reasonable cost.

He has an outstanding reputation and has been described as knowledgeable, bright and conscientious. Also, potential clients should take comfort in knowing that Mr. Pohly’s demeanor allows clients to feel comfortable and at ease every step of the way.

Schedule a free consultation with Garden City, New York attorney Lawrence Pohly today by calling or filling out the simple form below.